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Saturday, August 01, 2015

2015/2016 Premiership Plus Predictions Game Invitation

It's that time again, boys. We're a week off the brand spanking new season and I'm all a-tingle about it. So, you know what you need to do this week. Take a look at all of those season previews and put your thinking caps on. As Simon the Avenger proved last season, he's a tough title holder to knock off his perch. After some review and revision, here are this season's categories:

1. Premiership champions - (10 points)
2. European qualifiers - (Choose #2-#5) (4 points for each correct answer plus one bonus point for correct order)
3. Relegated sides - (3 points for each of the three correct plus one bonus point for correct order)
4. Promoted sides - (3 points for each of the three correct plus one bonus point for correct order)
5. League Cup winner (6 points)
6. League Cup losing finalist (2 points)
7. FA Cup winner (8 points)
8. FA Cup losing finalist (2 points)
9. Europa League winner (6 points)
10. Champions League winner (8 points)
11. La Liga champions (4 points)
12. Serie A champions (4 points)
13. Bundesliga champions (4 points)
14. Premiership top scorer (8 points)
15. First goalscorer in the Premiership (2 points)
16. First player to get a red card in the Premiership (2 points)
17. First player to get an FA ban for off the pitch offense (2 points)
18. First player to get a second yellow card for a silly offense (2 points)
19. First manager to get a "vote of confidence" from his board (2 points)
20. First manager to get sacked in the Premiership (2 points)
21. First two managers to get into a touchline scrap (2 points each)

You'll notice some new, fun categories courtesy of Gooner this season, which we hope will add a bit of excitement to the game. Please try to get your entries in to me either here or via email ( by Saturday morning at 7:45am EST. As usual, I'll allow any changes that you like to the first 14 categories until the end of the Transfer Window at the end of the month.

Good luck, lads!


Blogger The Blue Devil said...

Alright, just to get the pot stirring, here are my picks for this season:

1. Premiership Champions – Arsenal
2. European Qualifiers – Chelski, Citeh, United, Liverpool
3. Relegated sides – Bournemouth, Watford, Leicester
4. Promoted sides – Middlesboro, QPR, Wolves
5. League Cup winner – Chelski
6. League Cup losers – Liverpool
7. FA Cup winner – United
8. FA Cup losers - Arsenal
9. Europa League Winner – Napoli
10. Champions League Winner - Barcelona
11. La Liga (Spanish) Champions – Barcelona
12. Bundesliga (German) Champions – Bayern Munich
13. Serie A (Italian) Champions – Juventus
14. First Goalscorer in the Premiership – Harry Kane (Spurs)
15. First Player to Get a Red Card – Sylvain Distin (Bournemouth)
16. First Player to Get an FA Ban for Off-Pitch Incident - Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
17. First Player to Get a Second Yellow Card for a Silly Offense - Mario Balotelli (Liverpool)
18. First Manager to Get a “Vote of Confidence” - Steve McClaren (Newcastle)
19. First Two Managers to Get into a Fight - Wenger and Pardew
20. First Manager to Get Sacked in the Premiership – Claudio Ranieri (Leicester)
21. Premiership top scorer – Sergio Aguero (Citeh)

Now, if you want to keep your picks to yourself, that's just fine. Just email them privately to me and I'll keep them under wraps until Saturday morning. Let's be having ya!

10:18 PM  

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