Lakenheath Old Boys

We are all former students at Lakenheath High School and other public schools in East Anglia. We were in school in the 70s and 80s and drank deeply from the well of British culture of those decades - the pints, the telly, and of course the footie!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another Big Day in the Premier League... And the CUP

So, another set of big matches across the Pond.
We start at Turf Moor, where Manchester United need to recover from their costly victory on Thursday to keep their push for Top Four going. They would be a point behind City with the derby coming up on Thursday if they get the win.
We also have a small matter of the 2nd FA Cup semi. Will it be blue vs red in the Final or a all blue affair.
Of course, I am a Palace fan for the late one as they visit Anfield

The numpties that run the game has decided to overlap all three games today. What are they thinking?

Join me

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Business End of the Season

A very good Saturday morning to all of you in LOB land. We've reached the business end of the domestic season. Five matches left in the Premiership and the semi final stage of the FA Cup this weekend. It's time to buckle in and watch how things fall out. The Premiership fixtures this weekend take a backseat to the Cup, as a number of fixtures have been postponed due to the involvement of Spurs, Citeh, Arsenal and Chelski. So, we've got a load of matches today involving the bottom half of the table. NBC Sports Network are showing us West Ham v. Everton but the other matches all involve relegation threatened sides. It's also another titanic Saturday in the Championship as Brighton and Newcastle continue to battle it out for the title and Leeds, Fulham and Not a Big Club struggle to finish in the playoff spots. Join me for all the action, won't you?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Premiership Plus Predictions Game - 33 Update

Hiya, chaps! I'm here on a Wednesday afternoon to take stock again of our humble PPP game. We're now through the busy Easter period and are heading into the home stretch of the domestic footer season. With five matches left in the Premiership, Chelsea are still the most likely title winners; however, their loss to United on Sunday and Spurs' continued form have reduced their lead now to four points. At the bottom, Boro and Sunderland are just about gone, leaving Swansea and Hull to jockey for that last relegation spot. In the championship, Brighton wrapped up promotion yesterday and Newcastle should follow shortly. Leeds have sadly dropped out of the playoff spots but will continue to compete with Fulham and Wednesday for that last slot. This week in the Champions League will ruin a lot of our brackets, as Bayern was eliminated by Real Madrid yesterday in a six goal extra time thriller. Barca are expected to suffer the same fate at the hands of Juve today.

That all means that Red Devil continues to be odds-on favorite to take the Shield this season. Here are the latest standings:

1. Red Devil 1FCK - 38 points
2. Man Utd Rules - 27 pts
3. The Red Dragon - 24 pts
4. The Saint - 23 pts
-  Yellows - 23 pts
6. Someone Said - 22 pts
-  West Ham Rising - 22 pts
8. Blue Devil - 21 pts
9. What's Up Wheaton Simon - 20 pts
10. United We Stand - 18 pts
11. Gooner71 - 17 pts
12. Swansong - 15 pts

Monday, April 17, 2017

Yellows Visits LHS!

Many thanks to Yellows for sending along the above photo of his recent trip to our old stomping grounds at Lakenheath High School. We can now say that our illustrious LOB Shield has now been displayed on the hallowed LHS grounds. Cheers, Yellows!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Game Changer Sunday

A very good Sunday morning to you, lads! We have a fascinating Sunday morning of Premiership footer ahead of us, with two matches that could very well change the picture of the table. First up, Liverpool travel to WBA, who have the potential to upset Liverpool's quest for European spots. A loss at the Hawthorns could very well let in Everton, United or Arsenal who play later. Then there is the small matter of United v. Chelski. Our Red Devil loving mates will probably be all doom and gloom, but on their day, United are capable of creating a surprise at Old Trafford. Join me for all the fun and games!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hurrah - it's Saturday Again!

I'm still glowing from that magnificent result at SJP yesterday evening. I'm settling in with the knowledge that Leeds have done their Good Friday business already. Now, we can all settle back and relax and enjoy the Premiership doings today. First up - Spurs at the Lane against Bournemouth. Then it's the 10am EST kickoffs including Palace v. Leicester and Watford v. Swansea. We end up with Citeh visiting Soton at the end of the day. Join me for all of the fun!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Premiership Plus Predictions Game - Week 32 Update

Hiya, chaps - I hope all is well out there in PPP land. Another weekend has spun by, which leaves us with about a month left of the season. Chelsea are still on top, United have replaced Arsenal in the top five and Swansea has sunk into the bottom three. Brighton and Newcastle continue to swap places each week and Romelu Lukaku is running away with the Golden Boot (currently on 23 goals). At this stage, Red Devil is 10 points ahead and may as well start to measure the wall space for that shield. Unless there is a late surge from someone with a lot of shifts in the table, the outcome of this year's PPP is about done and dusted.

Still - here are the latest standings:

1. Red Devil 1FCK - 38 points
2. Man Utd Rules - 28 pts
3. The Red Dragon - 24 pts
4. West Ham Rising - 23 pts
-  Yellows - 23 pts
6. The Saint - 22 pts
-  Someone Said - 22 pts
8. Blue Devil - 21 pts
-  What's Up Wheaton Simon
10. Gooner71 - 17 pts
11. Swansong - 16 pts
12. United We Stand - 15