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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Euro 2016 Predictions Game - Welcome!

Hiya, chaps - It's that time again. With merely a week until the opening kick-off of France 2016 with the hosts taking on Romania on Friday, June 10, I'm asking you to pull out your crystal balls and come up some predictions for this summer's tournament. For those new to our predictions games, all you have to do to participate is email me with your predictions in the following categories (please email me without "replying all" to the list of competitors so that we get a variety of entries): 

* The top two teams in each of the six groups (you'll receive two points for each correct team plus an extra point if you get them in the correct order); e.g. "Group A: 1. Switzerland  2. Albania."

* The four best third placed teams that also advance to the Round of 16 (1 point for each team)

* The winners of each of the eight Round of Sixteen matches (3 points per team)

* The winners of each of the four Quarterfinal matches (4 points per team) 

* The winners of each of the two Semifinals (6 points per team) 

* Champions! (10 points

* The scorer of first goal scored in the tournament (2 points)

* The first match to go to a penalty shoot-out (2 points)

* The player who scores the winning goal in the Final (if there is one) (2 points

* The first player sent off (either straight red or two yellows) (2 points)

* The first manager to be sacked (2 points

* The Golden Boot winner (top scorer) (8 points)

* Tournament MVP (8 points)

The winner of the Euro 2016 Predictions Game will receive the vaunted Lancer Cup (pictured below) - you know you want this junk shop beauty on your mantel or in your trophy cabinet, right lads?

I've started a series of previews that I'm posting on the blog at and on my Facebook feed, which may (or may not) help you with your picks. I'll be updating the game on the blog and through email every few days throughout the tournament. We'll be live blogging most games, so definitely jump in on the chatter and feel free to post threads with news and funny bits. 

I can't wait for it all to get started. 

Cheers, Bob


Blogger The Blue Devil said...

I'll get us stated with my picks:

Top two teams in each group: (2 points each/plus bonus point)

Group A: 1. France; 2. Switzerland

Group B: 1. England; 2. Wales

Group C: 1. Germany; 2. Ukraine

Group D: 1. Spain; 2. Croatia

Group E. 1. Belgium; 2. Italy

Group F: 1. Portugal; 2. Hungary

Four best Third-Placed Teams: (1 point/team):

Poland, 2. Sweden, 3. Turkey, 4. Russia

Round of 16 Winners:

1. Ukraine, 2. England, 3. Spain, 4. France, 5. Germany, 6. Italy, 7. Belgium, 8. Wales

Quarter Final Winners:

Spain, Italy, Germany and France

Semi Final Winners - Germany and Spain

Champions - Germany!

Scorer of first goal at Euro 2016 - Antoine Griezmann (France)

The first match to go to penalties - Spain v. Sweden

Scorer of the winning goal in final - Tony Kroos (Germany)

First player sent off - Lorik Cana (Albania)

First manager to be sacked - Didier Deschamps (France)

The Golden Boot winner - Diego Costa (Spain)

The Golden Glove winner - Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Tournament MVP - Thomas Muller (Germany)

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