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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Improving World Football - A Modest Proposal

Let's be honest - France 2016 has been a wretched tournament, the worst since the Italia '90 World Cup, which had a similar goal/game ratio and spirit of caution. This has been coming for some time, as the stakes in top-level football have gotten only higher. Most top sides (at International and club level) have at this point sacrificed a second striker (or all strikers) in favor of a second (or third) defensive midfielder. Something must be done in order to rescue the game. Just as Italia '90 made clear the need for rules changes, so too has France 2016. 

I'm proposing that football adopt some of the rules that basketball and hockey have used successfully over the years to avoid similarly conservative match play. Specifically:

1. Prohibiting passing the ball back over the half-way line after the team in possession has advanced beyond the half-way line. Similar to the "icing" rule in hockey, this would award a free kick if an attacking side decides to pass it back from an advanced position to a midfielder or the goalkeeper beyond the half-way line.

2. The team in possession would have a minute to put the ball in the penalty box and create a goalscoring opportunity from the point that it won back possession or a goal kick was taken. Similar to the "shot clock" employed in basketball, this would award a free kick if a side merely knocked the ball around aimlessly in midfield without attempting to create anything worth watching.
I know that these proposals will be controversial, as any rules changes are. However, just as we learned to accept the rule that goalkeepers couldn't pick up a ball passed back to them, we would learn to appreciate these rules changes. Something must be done.

Your thoughts, gentlemen?


Blogger United We Stand said...

I like the idea of not going backwards into your own half. That's what I hate...sideways and backward!
As for shot clock, didn't think that would be needed if they couldn't go backwards

9:51 PM  
Blogger United We Stand said...

Today(Friday), the BBC are asking for suggested rule changes
Interesting ideas
Late substitutions are a hot topic
It's on the Sports Day link

10:15 AM  
Blogger United We Stand said...

Time wasting is a major problem in the game
The late substitutions, the goalkeeper taking an age to take a goal kick, players writhing in the ground in agony... then pops up and is fine. A friend of mine says just stop the clock like they did when I played in college. The clock wasn't always stopped but the ref would signal to stop and it did. That would stop all the time wasting. You go to ground, the ref stops the clock. They'll get up!
I used to be dead against this. I always like it that I never knew if there was time to score. In college, if the ball was the other end of the field and there was five seconds to go, we knew we won! BUT with all this time wasting I am beginning to agree with my friend though I would change it slightly. I would have the ref stop the play when any time wasting was going on with a player on the ground or substitutions being made and clock is shown stopped. After the 90 minute mark, you keep playing until the ball goes out of bounds.. just like rugby. The attacking team can still keep possession and try and score the goal


8:01 PM  

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