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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Champions League Semi Final 1st Leg Wrap-Up

If you were like me and didn't have a chance to catch any of the Champions League semi-final action because of a busy work schedule this week, well, at least we didn't miss a lot of goals. Indeed, Niguez Saul's scorcher for Atletico against Bayern was the only goal in 180 minutes of first leg action. That sets things up delicately for the second legs next week.

Here are the PPPers who are still in the hunt for the 8 points in the Champions League:

Real Madrid - Gooner71, Yellows
Bayern - United We Stand, West Ham Rising

Your thoughts, gents?


Blogger manunitedrules said...

I think Real are all but in the final because I don't see Citeh getting a result in the Bernabeu, Skippy or not. The other tie could go either way. I think it's 50-50 in that matchup.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous UCL Semifinals said...

The first leg of Uefa Champions League 2016 was finished, and only Atletico Madrid scored 1 goal against Bayern Munchen, because between Man City and Real Madrid, the score was 0-0. So, we hope that in the next round we can see more than 1 goal on each match.

10:11 AM  

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