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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BIG SAM'S THE MAN.... to lead the Three Lions!

So the FA have come to decision to go English! I am all for that but not sure Sam is the right man. I hope he's not confused on the job as he is in this picture. Of course, they haven't gotten it right since 1966 so maybe we will be all wrong. I hope he makes England play the English way and not the way other countries do... we're not that good at it

Thoughts Boys?



Blogger The Blue Devil said...

Thanks for posting the thread on this one, UWS. I've got lots of thoughts on this one. I'm not happy with the choice at all, I think it's a massive step backward, a really retrograde move. We all know the kind of football that Sam is known for - lots of hard work, running, clogging up the midfield and the long ball up the pitch to the big man. That might work when a bottom half Premiership side is facing relegation and needs to pick up points in order to stay up, but it won't do for England.

I felt that, despite the disastrous collapse against Iceland, England were on the verge of something in France this summer. In the first three matches, we saw glimpses of an England side that can play to feet, attack with pace and beat sides with exciting football. I was so hoping that England could be that side that would show the way forward beyond the horrible tiki taka possession game that is ruining the international game. There was that potential for England. But not under Sam Allardyce. What a shame.

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