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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pulis Walks the Plank

Crystal Palace's pre-season preparations were thrown into chaos today as manager Tony Pulis walked out of the club "by mutual consent." No points if you guessed Pulis to win the Sack Race - the season has to actually start before the Sack Race can begin. What on earth are Palace up to?

Your thoughts, gentlemen?


Blogger manunitedrules said...

That's the main story as we get set to being the new Prem season. I did some research and sadly to say that boardroom squabbles seem to take priority over the fans and the players. Basically,Pulis and the chairman had been at odds since January and Pulis was upset at the lack of transfer funds and what e felt was meddling by the chairman. Several deals to sign new players had fallen through. Keith Millen will be caretaker manager ahead of the match vs the Gunners . Candidates to replace Pulis include Malky Mackay, Steve Clarke, and Neil Lennon. Decent managers , but none will do the job Pulis did with the current Palace squad. The one that lose are the Palace fans.

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