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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Capital One Cup - Semi Final Update

This evening saw the semi final stage of the Capital One wrapped up, with Liverpool and Man Citeh emerging victorious over Stoke and Everton respectively. This has major implications for our PPP game, as several of you chose Stoke to lose the final. So here are the players still in it:

Blue Devil - Liverpool as loser (2 points)
The Red Devil 1FCK - Liverpool as winner (6 points)
The Red Dragon - Liverpool as winner (6 points))
Swansong - Liverpool as winner (6 points
What's Up Wheaton Simon - Liverpool as loser (2 points)

But the person in the best shape is United We Stand who has picked Liverpool to win (6 points) and Citeh to lose (2 points).

Bring on the Wembley final!


Blogger manunitedrules said...

I saw that, It should be an interesting final. It looks like Bob will need to get the shield when he visits his brother at the end of the season as one of his colleagues looks like becoming the next winner. Yours Truly is delighted as both matches scheduled at 6 AM CST will be rescheduled, resulting in two hours extra kip that day. We should be well rested for the Capital One Cup Final. It's so tight in the standings that UWS could vault halfway up the table based on one result What a season!

11:19 PM  

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