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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Can England Win the Euros?

Bloody hell - are we having a Vardy party or what? After last night's shitshow between the US and the Guats, I wasn't feeling terribly hopeful for today. When we went two goals down with some shocking defending, I was feeling even less sanguine about it all. But then...Hodgson pushed the Brazil button. What on earth was that last half hour? Harry Kane with a Cruyff tribute? Vardy with a back flick to beat the best keeper on the planet at his near post. And then Eric Dier with a stoppage time winner?!

Of course, I'm jumping on the bandwagon after merely one win, but...can England win it all this summer? Well, can they? Color me excited, chaps.


Blogger Someone Said said...

This might be the team with the best opportunity, if Hodgson uses the right players in the right positions. Unlike a certain coach on this side of the pond.

10:41 AM  
Blogger United We Stand said...


Sadly, I've been teased many a time before!

11:58 AM  

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