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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Champions League Semi Wrap-Up

The most tedious semi final round of the Champions League in recent memory ended today, with Citeh's exit from the competition thanks to a sole own goal, the only bulge in the net from 180 minutes of top notch European footie. In the other tie, Atletico went through thanks to the away goals rule, knocking out presumed favorites Bayern. That sets up a Madrid final, which hopefully will be a bit more exciting.

Fortunately, we can make even the most turgid footer exciting with our PPP. Bayern's exit means that we're left with only the following players, who all picked Real Madrid, with a hope of picking up the 8 precious points for picking the Champions League winner: Gooner71 and Yellows. To show the implications of that, if one were to add those eight points to their current scores, Yellows would be tied with Swansong for second on 37 points and Gooner71 would be top of the pops on 41.


Blogger manunitedrules said...

I just watched the match and I completely Agree that it was really tedious. Citeh fought the good fight , but were a little short on quality to defeat Real. The other semi was more exciting. Based on what I saw, I would rate Athletico as favorites.

12:34 AM  

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