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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Premiership Plus Predictions Game - Penultimate Update

Congratulations, MUR! Our friend and loyal blogger in Harlingen, Texas is our champion for the 2016/2017 season and will claim the vaunted LOB Shield for the second time. Arsenal's fine win over Chelsea in the FA Cup Final last weekend put MUR over the top, adding 8 points to his previous total of 38 for a final total of 46 points.

I've also updated the worksheet to include Huddersfield's win in yesterday's Championship Playoff Final at Wembley. Alas, no one chose the Yorkshire side to be promoted this season. Also no points for anyone in the PPP pool for predicting Victor Moses who got himself sent off at Wembley for a second yellow for simulation (a silly offense).

We're down to the last match of a long season - the Champions League Final - next weekend. Gooner71 has Real Madrid and Someone Said has Juve. However, neither of them can catch MUR with the 6 points up for grabs there.

Here are the current standings this week:

1. Man Utd Rules - 46 points
2. Red Devil 1FCK - 41 pts
-  United We Stand - 41 pts
4. What's Up Wheaton Simon - 33 pts
5. The Red Dragon - 32 pts
6. The Saint - 31 pts
7. Yellows - 30 pts
8. Blue Devil - 29 pts
-  Gooner71 - 29 pts
10. Swansong - 28 pts
11. Someone Said - 27 pts
-  West Ham Rising - 27 pts


Blogger United We Stand said...

Top 'Two"
Two Red Devil fans and a Red Devil

You want the best... go to Old Trafford

8:34 PM  

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