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Monday, May 22, 2017

Premiership Predictions Plus - Week 38 Update

Welcome to the working week, chaps. I'm checking in with the Premiership season ender update. So, what happened to our table after the dust all settled yesterday. Well, not a lot. The main thing that changed in the last week since my last update is that Harry Kane went on an incredible 7-goal streak in the last two Spurs matches, which shot him from 22 goals past Romelu Lukaku (25 goals) to 29 goals for the season. Kane will claim the Golden Boot and Man Utd Rules, Someone Said and Yellows will claim 6 extra points as a result. The other slight detail is that Real Madrid pipped Barcelona at the post to claim the La Liga title, so half of us lost two points and the other half gained two points. There was also a slight shift in the Premiership order with Man Citeh switching places with Liverpool - they'll end 2nd and 3rd respectively. So a few of us either gained or lost a point there.

Here's how it all shakes out:

1. Red Devil 1FCK - 41 points
2. Man Utd Rules - 38 pts
3. What's Up Wheaton Simon - 32 pts
4. Blue Devil - 29 pts
-  The Red Dragon - 29 pts
6. Yellows - 28 pts
7. The Saint - 27 pts
-  Someone Said - 27 pts
-  United We Stand - 27 pts
10. Gooner71 - 25 pts
11. Swansong - 24 pts
12. West Ham Rising - 23 pts

So, going into the last few matches of the season Red Devil 1FCK sits atop our table, but has maxed out with his points. Here's how his rivals could beat him:

Man Utd Rules - 38 points currently (Arsenal win the Cup - +8) = 46 points
The Red Dragon - 29 points (Chelsea win the Cup - +8 and United win the Europa League - +4) = 41 points

It'll go down to the last kick!


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