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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Guardian Premiership Ineptitude Index

At the end of each season, the bodkins at the Guardian compile a brilliant index of all of the suicidal tendencies of the various Premier League players and teams. They assign points in categories such as Throwing the Ball Straight to the Opposition, Yellow Cards for Simulation or Dissent, and  - of course - Own Goals.

After all of it, they put together the following table, which gives you a good sense of which teams had habit of pushing the self-destruct button during the last season:

Hull City 82
Sunderland 79
West Ham 77
Bournemouth 72
Stoke City 69
Burnley 68
Leicester City 65
Middlesbrough 64
Swansea City 61
Watford 57
Crystal Palace 55
Liverpool 55
West Bromwich Albion 45
Everton 44
Manchester City 37
Southampton 35
Manchester United 33
Tottenham Hotspur 31
Arsenal 30
Chelsea 24

Congratulations then to Hull City, who look likely now to join Sunderland and Boro in the big drop to the Championship.

You can view the article here:


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