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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is Nike ruining the fun in football? Why?

Hey, Davey sent around a link to a new Nike ad for the World Cup and it's great to see the best footballers doing their stupid human tricks in fast-cut, but what's with the tone? I mean, "risk everything" with a skull and crossbones? Why do these new ads, and Nike are supreme culprits here, have this do-or-die tone when it's a bloody game after all. Everything else should be do-or-die, and football should be fun and playful so that we get a break. Do they think we'll forget that these show-pony millionaire athletes are pretty one-dimensional personalities that live and breathe the game? Don't get me started on the tone of the USMNT ads. All I'm saying is wasn't this more fun? And not so long ago? Beat it Nike. Go back to the Gridiron unless you can do this again. Click here for fun


Blogger The Blue Devil said...

I love the Nike 1998 ad with Ronny, Romario and the rest, no doubt, but I wasn't as offended by the new one as you. I'm assuming that you're still grumpy after having watched Mourinho celebrating that disgraceful win at Anfield yesterday, right?

10:20 AM  
Blogger United We Stand said...

I enjoyed the humor

4:07 PM  

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